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We do this as an expression of our love for Jesus Christ, in a cooperative effort with many of Prosser's churches.

Cash donations are always acceptable and appreciated, as we can purchase items as they are needed. Jubilee is supported by several Christian churches and other local organizations in Prosser, both financially and with board member and volunteer participation. Jubilee also receives financial support from individual and corporate donations. Donation receipts are available on request.

To donate money or food, please stop by any of supporting churches or call 509-786-3033.

Founded in 1986, Jubilee Ministry is an all-volunteer non-profit 501(c)-3 organization. Approximately 40 individuals volunteer weekly at the Food Bank and Red Door Thrift Store.​

​•An Executive Director handles daily operations, reporting to a 5 member Executive Board, primarily Pastors of supporting churches.

Through Jubilee’s Community Care Program, working with supporting churches and the Prosser Police Department and other agencies, help is provided to those with temporary emergency assistance needs.

The Prosser Food Bank encompasses a walk-in freezer, a walk-in cooler, and a warehouse to handle the large volume of donated and purchased food necessary to provide a nutritional balance of protein and carbohydrates to Prosser residents in need of food assistance. 

Donated food is received from individuals, local farmers, USDA, surplus food distributors, trucking companies and corporations such as Safeway, Starbucks and the Food Depot. Local food drives are another important and welcome source of donated food.

In 2013, the Food Bank received 149,500,000 pounds of donated food. An additional 30,000 pounds were purchased to meet client needs.

In 2011 & 2012, in addition to food donated, the Food Bank purchased an additional 50,000 to 80,000 pounds of food. Grant money from State and Federal government programs help offset these costs.

In 2013, families in Prosser made 2,800 household visits to the Food Bank.

The Red Door Thrift Store receives donations of clothing, household goods, furniture and other items that are offered at low prices to shoppers. The goal is to provide a pleasant and affordable shopping experience.

Purchases at the Thrift Store provide funds used to purchase food for the Food Bank, the Community Care Emergency Assistance Program and Jubilee operations.

In 2013, shoppers to the Red Door made 7,982 visits (when purchases were made).

Jubilee Ministry provides opportunity for job skills experience through a Prosser High School special needs program as well as community service opportunities to meet education and court-ordered requirements.